A small child at home always automatically means additional troubles and caring from the mother’s side all day long. As a rule during this period, you forget about your own deals and think only about the kid.

Perhaps that is the reason why the section called kids furniture for sale is considered to be so popular in any store.

The contemporary manufacturers have introduced a unique toddler bed. Florida, New York, Maryland and all other states in the USA are ready to offer you a good collection of unique portable baby beds.

The uniqueness of this crib is represented by the fact that moms won’t need to run constantly around the room or from kitchen into the nursery and vice versa. The crib design allows to move the construction easily from one place to another, without disturbing at the same time the child’s comfort and sweet dreams. As a rule such a bed is made up of various parts such as: a cot with handles, adeck chair and a bed itself.

While your baby is sleeping, you can leave the cradle inside a deck chair and do something important and necessary personally for you. After hearing the first cry of the baby, you can easily take the cradle out and to carry it into another room. It means that as long as you will do something important, your baby will be rocked peacefully under your watchful and careful eye.

Every mother is worried about the issues how to purchase functional and comfortable portable baby bed for her beloved kid.

What matters should we take into account choosing something really special for our son or daughter? First of all we have to remember that cot should be unfolded to two positions, for sitting and for lying. But that is not everything. – Mind that this construction has to have a rocking effect.

Then obligatory pay attention that all the cradles are provided with special handles for easy transportation, as well as with the safety belts and the holders for toys keeping.

The third matter that should be taken into account while choosing the following piece of contemporary interior is that the baby cribs of this type have to have the optimal height for parents as well as for babies.

When choosing a crib, pay attention to the quality of the material. It isn’t recommended to take the item made of synthetic cloths. Textile is an ideal selection for this purpose. And another important point is that these constructions have to be used just for children under six or eight months old.

As you can see, the latest technologies in the furniture industry have begun to create something really helpful for mothers and their babies’ comfort. According to the specialists’ point of view, the portable crib is a very convenient thing, which is considered to be a practical and cost-effective solution for today’s moms.

Choosing a portable crib it is necessary to mind its characteristic features, appearance, and, what is more important the safety.

1. Choosing a portable crib, pay attention to the distance between the bars. It should be not more than 6 cm. By the way the same requirement concerns the ordinary cots. In the case of this the kid won’t be able to get stuck between the bars and to suffocate.

2. Look for quality construction of the child’s cot. This thing should be made from non-toxic materials no matter what it is metal, wood or plastic, and covered with resistant paint.

3. Make sure that the portable bed has to be accompanied with mattress or that is won’t be a problem to choose the mattress for this bed of your beloved child. Mind, please, that the portable crib is usually smaller than the normal one, and it simultaneously means that the ordinary mattress won’t be suitable. Make sure that the mattress fits the crib ideally in size and the distance between the edges of the mattress and the crib is not more than two fingers.

4. Give preference to a portable bed, the size of which is ordinary. Otherwise it will be very difficult to find the suitable linen.

5. Measure your doorways to find out whether the construction can be moved easily from one room to another. You can also measure the cabin of your car in order to see whether the assembled bed can be placed inside.

6. It is really important that your child corresponds to this portable crib model on height, weight and age. While many common portable beds are created for children under 2 years old and are able to withstand the load up to 23 kg, the portable bed-playpens are primarily intended for infants the weight of which is under 7 kg.