As a rule, modern cribs for sale, which are recommended for children from 0 to 3 years old, consist of detachable parts.

Why do the parents choose this kind of construction? – Frankly speaking, this is very convenient, as everything can be disassembled, the sides and a bottom may be cleaned and the textile items, if there are any, are washed easily. Then you can attach everything back and it will seem that the baby cribs Miami (as well as the other variants) have always been a whole unit.

But such constructions can’t be considered to be the reliable ones, as their strength usually depends on bad connection elements.

All components of the kid’s bed as well as a portable crib should have a rigid fixation. In assembled condition the parts do not have to move. Unsteady segments are rather dangerous for the kid’s safety. Please, mind that after the changing of height position the adjustable bottom should be fixed properly, otherwise it will move aside.

RULE # 1

Kids cots , especially for the babies aged from one to three years old, should be constructed in a proper way, which guarantees the situation, when some parts as well as the sides can be removed by adults only.

If in the family, in addition to babies, there are children of preschool age, we should exclude any possibility, when they accidentally remove some details.

Preschoolers do not always clearly understand the consequences of their actions and may take a cribs side away just out of curiosity. In order to avoid any accidents, choose the safe furniture. When you are purchasing a crib (Orlando or anywhere else), check the strength of this interior item as well as its components, fixation positions and quality of all the materials.

The cradles on wheels are considered to be rather popular. Why? – Of course, that is because they can be moved around the house. Such bed can be often rearranged. For example, you can take it into other rooms, the kitchen, just from one wall to another. But mind that if you accidentally touch the furniture, it can be moved and become dangerous.

RULE # 2

The rolling bed should have the stoppers on all wheels!

Fix them every time you stop the bed. If you rearrange the furniture in the different place, be sure to set the stoppers in a way in order to exclude any movement. Then your child will be in safety, even if you accidentally push or touch the cradle.

A proper stopper alternative is usually represented by the special construction, in which two of four legs of the crib don’t have any wheels.

RULE # 3

Do not hesitate!

Take a ruler, when you are visiting a children’s furniture store or ask it from the seller. Measure the distance between the bars.

Mind that the width of the gaps between them should be not less than 6 and not more than 7 cm. These parameters are defined by special safety standards for children’s furniture.

If the distance between the elements is too small, a hand or a leg of your kid can get stuck in the hole. And if the bars are too far, the child’s head can stick between them and in some situations the kid may fall out between them.

This situation is necessary to be thought in advance.

RULE # 4

If you have decided to choose the bed with a removable side or a rocking cradle, make sure that it is securely attached to the mechanism.

The cradle must be fixed in one position. Otherwise the sleeping baby can accidentally put it into motion. Of course, this seems unlikely for many people, but according to the specialists’ points of view, it is better to predict any troubles.

Whichever bed you choose: with or without wheels, assembled or fixed, ordinary or of pendulum type, pay attention to the materials from which it is made.

And always remember that the children’s goods, including furniture, are subject to mandatory certification.