According to the experienced parents’ point of view, shopping for the contemporary girls-twins can be funny and pleasant pastime, or vice verse turns into the constant arguing and a quite spoiled mood as a result.

All in all the psychologists are sure that it is up to you to decide what kind of present to choose. – In some cases you can pick up the same objects for both ladies, in others – choose different gifts in order to emphasize their individuality.

Frankly speaking, from time to time it is better, of course, to visit the shops, which offer, for example, kids ride on cars for sale and propose them to make a choice. But, as a rule, they like the same items, the color of which can be slight different.

The preferences may also depend on age. Twins toddlers often want to be the same, the older girls show their individuality.


First of all let’s explain why we have got this age at the beginning. What about the newborns? – The matter is that the kids, who are under one year old, almost don’t have any ideas about presents. Frankly speaking, the toddlers sometimes like to tear the gift packaging more than to get a present.

All in all the category of gifts for twins can be influenced by the philosophy of the both parents. Are you invited to the birthday party to two small ladies and don’t know what to purchase as a present? -Pay attention to their parents’ behavior then. If they are in their own words and actions express that they do not want to identical lives for their children, it will be better to give different gifts. Otherwise, feel free to buy the same, but unique things.


Similar, but not identical soft toys are considered to be the suitable presents. For example, you can give a kangaroo for one child and a koala for another. Different designs can also be turned into a unique gift. In the last case twins can change the toys to collect various sets. By the way at the age of three years old the children will enjoy the role-playing games, making the toys to talk.


Educational toys are always in trend. By the way, the twins can use them together. Pay special attention to the items, which can help to develop or to improve hand and eye coordination. Some educational toys are not cheap, that is why it will be enough to purchase one thing for both kids.


At this age your girls are quite ready for kids ride on cars for sale. You can visit a specialized shop or site in order to fulfill their dream. The contemporary choices are really endless.

But, of course, the cheaper presents are also available. For example, you can purchase two or more books from the same series. It will be personal, but at the same time a more or less similar gift. The girls will be able to share the samples, maintaining at the same time their ownership. By the way, a good idea is to buy the book, which able to develop and to improve the character.

If you are going to find something special for artistic creatures, double-sided easels will be a perfect choice for twins. But mind that each side must be identical to the other: a board for chalk or marker drawing. Children can use it separately or together. Every girl will be able to express her personal feelings on her side of the easel.

As a rule, twins-girls love jewelry and cute animals or cartoon characters. What about beautiful bracelets then? You can decorate them with two or three different charms in the form of animals. In the course of time girls will be able to complement their bracelets later, or you can add charms, suitable for other events.