Perhaps, in every culture there is a gray-haired, cheerful, kind old man with magical powers and strength, who brings kids gifts to children on New Year’s or Christmas Eve.

And have you ever thought whether it is really bad when the kids believe in him? – Of course, not. And by the way, the contemporary experts from the University of Kansas are sure that children need to believe in Santa Claus as long as they want to do it.

Jared Dotchi, the well-known assistant professor at Kansas State University, insists that there is no specific age at which a child should stop believing in Santa Claus. The matter is that all over the world children often stop doing this gradually as they are getting older. The expert does not believe that parents should tell their children that Santa Claus does not exist.

As a rule, the children are naive, so for their thinking it is quite easy to perceive elements of fantasy and magic. They do not believe that this is fiction and are sure that it is Santa Claus, who gives them, for example, a terrific car bed . That’s why even contemporary children easily accept all the details of Santa’s life. However, when they are getting older, their belief in the miracle disappears. That is why do not disappoint the children deliberately killing their faith in miracles and fairy tales.

According to the specialists’ point of view, as a rule Christmas week brings more happiness to those children who believe in Santa Claus, compared with those who do not believe in him. You see the waiting for the arrival of the miraculous elder and gifts can give an unforgettable experience. So why to deprive them of this joy?

When the children become teenagers, they begin to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. Their logic tells them that this is quite impossible. But the way, this period can last for several years.

At this time, parents are sometimes surprised to find that their child still believes in Santa Claus, but they do not dare to raise this issue in order not to upset the child. And they continue to look for amazing kids electric cars or other American states in order to find the most beautiful Christmas present for their child.

In the case mentioned above, Jared Dotchi advises parents to ask the kids some neutral questions. You see, it is recommended to ask something like “What do you think about Santa Claus?” instead of saying “Do you still believe in him?”

In fact, the child’s belief in the magical and miraculous events plays an important role for his/her cognitive growth. According to the point of view of the scientists from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom, the unrealistic plots are able to develop creativity, to stimulate the imagination and to extend the thinking of the child. Children, who are often faced with magical stories, begin to see the world more widely, like through different eyes.

Do you want to raise smart kids? – Let them believe in miracles then.

Therefore, let your son or daughter to believe in Santa Claus as long as possible.