​TOP of the best stylish ride on cars for children

 A modern child wants to get a large number of toys. And this is not surprising. A rather unusual gift is a children’s electric car. It’s not just a toy, it’s a real vehicle for a small driver. Thanks to this, children will learn about adulthood, enjoy the pastime. Currently there is a large number of such toys. They differ in price, quality, and power. This article will help to understand and see the top rating of stylish electric vehicles for children.

Ferrari F12 kids car. It is impossible to find a person who would have been indifferent to Ferrari cars. They impress with their appearance and unmatched power. Not only adults, but also children admire this car. Now each parent has a unique opportunity to buy an electric car Ferrari for kids in our online store, which is an exact copy of the adult model. Kids Ferrari car will be an excellent gift, both to the boy and the girl. Moreover, even a year-old child can ride it. After all, the car comes with a remote control, thanks to which mom and dad can control it without problems. Thus, your child will be in complete safety.

ertainly, an electronic Ferrari car is not only a good and interesting, but also a very useful toy. It develops the motor skills of the arms and legs of the child, teaches him/her to be attentive and responsible. Moreover, you can always teach your child the rules of the road. You can order a ride on vehicle with delivery on the website of our store! On our website, you will find all the specifications of this model. You will be impressed by the following:excellent design;carrying capacity up to 40 kg;2 engines;powerful battery;work up to 2 hours without recharging.Thanks to such features, the ride on car for kids has the best reviews from our customers. Manufacturers of kids Ferrari car tried to repeat all the details that are typical for adult transport. You can find an exclusive color range (red, black, yellow), the radiator bars, the LOGO of the company, and rear-view mirrors. In addition, the advantage of transport is that it has LED headlights and sound signals.

Mercedes G55 ride on car. It is manufactured with the license of company Mercedes! Safe in control, excellent in quality! A gorgeous children’s jeep, according to the characteristics of patency – a real SUV! Electric car with 2 engines – powerful as the original car. 2 forward speeds: high and low. There is a real metal ignition key with a Mercedes badge, insert it, and the car starts. Mercedes g wagon kids car has RC, battery. 12V / 7AH.MP3. Accelerates to 4.5 km / h in 4 seconds. It is one of the best copies of the Mercedes-Benz AMG. This Mercedes ride on car is like the original car, the seat has a headrest, the front lights are shining, the mirrors are folded, the steering wheel has a signal, and there is a windshield. Mercedes G55 ride on car can go back and forth, the steering wheel turns left and right.

In addition, there is a connector (input) for the MP3 player. The polypropylene casing is reinforced, hardened, shock-resistant and durable. Ecologically clean paint penetrates deep inside the car body. You may not be afraid of scratches. Realistic wheels of the same proportion as the original. Steel chassis. Ergonomic seat. The electric car is a copy of the legendary and well-known Mercedes G-Wagon from the company Mercedes, the children’s copy is completely alike to an adult SUV, Mercedes g wagon kids car 12V is manufactured under the supervision of the engineers of the Mercedes plant.