Kids Electric Car as the best gift for a child

Want to please your child with an original gift? Then buy him a remote control ride on car. The kid will feel not only happy, but also responsible as an adult. In vain, some people think that a battery-powered product is a toy for lazy people. Of course, you do not have to pedal, but the young rider will need to get the habit of controlling the vehicle. After all, ride on toys for toddlers can reach speeds of up to 5 mph, it has a real gearbox, brake, reverse gear, front lights, signal and siren, rear lights, that is all elements of a real car. You can even give a ride to your friends on it. The difference from an adult car is only that your child does not need to worry about the rules, traffic police, gasoline and other things. If suddenly the electric car runs out of “fuel”, then you can easily charge it.

Ferrari LaFerrari is a novelty. Official license from the concern Fiat. It has the butterfly doors opening up, and not to the sides. Impressive, is not it?

Excellent dynamic characteristics will provide two improved motors of 25 watts in conjunction with the new 12V-battery. Very precise and reliable remote control. The model has three gears (two forward and reverse) and develops a speed-safe for kids – 4 mph. In the mode of continuous driving, the battery charge is enough for 90-120 minutes of riding.

These kids electric cars do not only look like a real car, but also impresses by functions: front and rear LED lights, dashboard illumination, keyless ignition by pressing the START-STOP button and even the sound of the engine running. In addition, the console has a connector for an MP3 player, or a smartphone for listening to music (universal cable is included).

The remote control ride on is implemented by the Bluetooth, which means it is even more accurate and more reliable (the signal is not interrupted by the operation of the remotes of other electric vehicles). At the initial stage of the training, parents can control the driving process with the help of the remote control, the range of which is up to 30 m. Moreover, when the young driver feels more confident driving the sports car, the control can be completely transferred to his hands by switching the control mode from RC (remote) to manual mode. In order to drive, you first need to start the car by pressing the “start-stop” button. The Ride On Toys For Toddlers are started with a typical sound of Ferrari engine.

As for the interior, an ergonomic chair is made of “eco-leather” and is very soft. The driver’s seat is equipped with a safety belt. The body of the LeFerrari remote control 12V power battery car is made of impact-resistant polypropylene painted with a special paint that matches the paint code of a real Lamborghini. Polymer wheels with rubber protectors are attached to the steel chassis.

Advantages of the model:Two innovate motorsRubber ProtectorsPowerful LED lightsLambo doors (open up)Bluetooth control panelGage panel with illuminationStarts with the START-STOP button with engine soundSoft, pleasant to touch chair of “eco-leather”Safety beltOriginal Ferrari design.In general, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. You can see the ride on car can in our showroom or order it directly on our website.

The children’s radio-controlled kids electric car Range Rover Evoque is made under the license of Land Rover Evoque. The baby will be proud of this toy. The ride on toys for toddlers develop speed of up to 4 mph, has 2 forward speeds, and operates on battery power. The electric vehicle can go forward / backward, the steering wheel turns right / left. You can control the ride on car using the remote control. In order to start riding, you first need to start the car with the ignition key.

The main characteristics of the ride on toys for toddlers Land Rover Evoque:

  • •Age – from 2 to 6 years;
  • •high-quality paint,
  • •durable, robust, made of high-quality propylene;
  • •the material of the wheels is similar to real car tires;
  • •2 forward speeds;
  • •a remote control, the range is 20-30 meters;
  • •1 seat maximum load is 25 kg;
  • •running time is up to 2 hours;
  • •charging time is 6 hours;
  • •can move forward and backward;
  • •maximum speed of 4 mph;
  • •gas pedal;
  • •lights;
  • •sealed battery 6V / 7Ah;
  • •10 sound signals;
  • •the car is started with the ignition key, which makes it even more like the real one;
  • •first, you need to insert the key, and then press the accelerator pedal;
  • •when the car is “in the garage”, you can fold the side mirrors, like a real car;
  • •a connector for the MP3 player;
  • •a tinted windscreen;
  • •rear-view mirrors;
  • •quality shock absorbers;
  • •wear-resistant wheels;
  • •the battery and charger are included;
  • •colors: red, white, black.

Buying a kids electric car is a good for those who want to teach the child basic rules of the road. Combine the useful with the pleasant, hang out traffic signs on the imaginary track, play out the characteristic situations on the road and, like a real traffic inspector, take the young driver’s driving exams. Next, create your own “driving license” and in a solemn atmosphere, hand them to your child.

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