Moony Pants For Girls, L (9-14 kg) 44 Pieces

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Moony Pants For Girls, L (9-14 kg) 44 Pieces

Leak-proof, fresh-smelling unique baby pants for girls with weight from 9 to 14 kg. Pants for girls have double absorb protection, so-called pocket, in the backside of pants. The pants look like regular children underwear. Designed exactly to the shape of baby’s buttocks, there are ultra-thin, stretchable, but very tender and tightly sitting.  Also, you can change the diaper in the dark with the aftertreatment tape that is on the back of the diaper easy and convenient afterwards as well. Pooh design pants make happy babies and moms.    

Weight of child: 9-14kg
Quantity per pack: 44 pieces

Made by Unicharm Corporation in Japan