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Battery operated kids cars - great buy for small motor-car enthusiasts. The quality of materials and assembling, as well as contemporary design, according to innovative technologies, have together produced a very remarkable result. Therefore, parents, and even more, their toddlers shall be unspeakably happy with this acquirement.


The main specifications of battery operated kids cars

Among the available ride ons for kids, there are car brands, such as:


Mercedes G63

Mercedes GLA

Mercedes ML 350

Every of the above models have some common characteristics:

They are designed exactly like real cars, on a scale of 1: 4, with a body type of a cabriolet. In the electric vehicles for kids, there is one seat, which is equipped with a safety-belt. The engine starts by rotating the ignition key and the headlights light up automatically. During the ride sounds one of 10 nice tunes, but you can also connect your MP3 player or smartphone and listen to your favorite songs. The kit includes a remote control, a charger and a battery. Ride on cars for kids are suitable for a kid weighing up to 30kg and appropriate for boys and girls aged from 2 to 6 years old.


Vivid impressions of the trip with battery operated kids cars

With an improved motor and a strong battery, there is a time of uninterrupted rides up to 90 minutes. And the open roof lets you enjoy the view from the driver's seat. Modern, bright styling will allow you to stand out of the crowd. Sitting behind the wheel of those electric vehicles for kids, they just won`t be unnoticed.


We're going to help turn the baby's dream into reality!

Most of the children dream about their own car from an early age. This is understandable because toddlers tend to imitate adults, to have the same things as they do. The company Americas Toys is the leader of the sale of cars for kids and knows how to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers. Accordingly, we offer exclusively first-class products that have passed quality inspection at all stages of production.

In addition, you have the option to add the 6-month warranty to the electric vehicles for kids, but the total price would be higher by 25%.

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