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Mercedes SL65 Black

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Mercedes SL65 Black

Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG for kids

The electric car Mercedes SL65 red 12V battery car with soft wheels is a licensed car in the shape of a sports car from Mercedes. The children's car is equipped with a soft eco-leather seat, shock absorbers and rubber EVA wheels that will provide smoothness and noiselessness of the car.

The electric car Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG will delight your child, because it is so similar to an adult car of the same brand. A beautiful shiny exterior and an open top make the model very stylish. The speed of the red ride on is very fast and reaches 3 mph. Both your and your child can listen to music that is controlled by a touchscreen media system. In addition to the standard recorded melodies, you can record your own or even play cartoons for your child.

A kid can drive himself/herself, or can simply enjoy a trip while parents control it using a remote. There is no need to warry about the safety, because there are safety belts – all the features as in adult’s car. The electric car is equipped with four rubber wheels and the front ones are driving.


Two electric motors: 2 x 45W; Three speeds forward and backward: 2, 3 and 5 mph; Battery: 12V / 7A; Full charge time of the battery: 8 - 10 hours; Driving time without recharging: 90 - 120 minutes; - maximum load: 66 lbs.

2.4 G One to One RC

4 wheels shock absorber

3 speeds

Touch screen, MP3 input, SD card input, USB input, volume adjustment, battery status, seat belt, antiskid tires, electronic brake, charging protection, one button start

Double doors can be opened

All painting color

Leather seat, LED lights wheels, mp4 screen