Goo.n Underwear For The First Time Super, M 64 (6-11 kg)

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goon underwear

For sensitive skin-friendly soft feel E sheet!

Comfort and gentle texture and underwear!

It is a diaper nurturing parent-child smile!

-Soft air.

 From air soft, soft texture.

-3D embossed

 Contact with baby's skin to reduce the burden.

-Not even for a long time draws on pee inside the trap from bottom smooth.

-Fully breathable back adoption.

-Deodorant with absorbent material used.

-Pee with notice.

 Wet and changed to the blue line and let the pee.


Packaging size: 15.7"X12.6"X5.3 "

-Weight: approx. 4.3 lbs

Contents: 64 pieces

Made by Unicharm Corporation in Japan