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Choosing a bunk bed for your kid

As a rule each family finds some special ways to arrange a twin bed for two children even in the modest space of kids' room. It should be noted that the children's bed for two small people carries not only a direct function of the destination, being a place to sleep, but another equally important task of organizing a comfortable and functional corner in the child's room.

A bunk bed: classical idea of contemporary interior 

Of course, in fact there is nothing bad or wrong in the using of standard solutions. According to the specialists’ point of view, a bunk bed is able to simplify the interior of the nursery, saving a lot of space. Frankly speaking, this part of the room is considered to be an unchanged favorite of parents, who have two children.

Bed-loft: active use of vertical space

Bed-loft is an ideal variant for two pupils, as the bottom of each of them are used as a workplace, and a top - as a bedroom. Bed loft uses actively the vertical zoning. It means that it frees up space, as well as creates the children's private area for every kid's sleeping. 

Bunk bed - couch

Much attention should be paid to the stairs that are used in the bunk bed Miami for two children. The coming up to the second layer should be safe and reliable. For the smallest kids the stairs are usually with very broad and resistant. In this situation the stairs are combined with drawers for storage.

Extendable platform bed: a perfect space-saving for children's room 

If your kids are still too small, but they have already grown out of their cribs and space in the nursery is very tight, pay attention to such direction as the pull-out bed for two children. Withdrawable beds are hidden during the day under the special podium, arranged under the higher bed or inside furniture unit.

Lifting bed: the illusion of spaciousness

Lifting bed is an excellent solution in the room where the children love outdoor games and free space. In the daytime the beds are just removed in a furniture wall, and look like cabinets.