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 Baby cribs for sale

The manufacturers of children's products offer a great variety of different baby cribs that are able to meet multiple customer requirements. As a rule, choosing a baby bed young parents take into account only the appearance of this important piece of furniture. For them, the main thing is to find the item, which will be suitable for the surrounding interior.

But these are not the main parameters, of course. First of all, we shouldn't forget about functionality.

But what do we have to pay attention to while choosing the cribs for sale?

Let's try to investigate this assortment.

Classical baby cribs

As a rule this category is represented by special children's bed of a small size. In the most cases this interior item is made from natural wood. They have rocking arcs or special pendulum mechanisms that help to rock the bed only as the legs remain stable. A baby bed equipped with pendulum mechanism can have the wheels on the legs. These items are not provided for the arcs rocking items.

Solid wicker cribs

They are made of natural materials: rattan, wicker and rod. This kind of children’s furniture has a very elegant look. Because of their natural texture this interior item fits perfectly into any interior of the nursery. The main advantages of this type are environmentally friendly materials, free circulation of air and light-weight construction. Wicker cribs can be equipped with the arcs or wheels.

Baby bassinet


This construction is represented by a removable basket and stand. These convertible cribs are most often made of natural materials (maize, wicker) and provided with convenient handles. Such a model can be successfully used on trips, at the summer cottage or at a party. Besides the home stationary construction of the crib basket (on the arcs or on wheels) manufacturers offer so-called compact item, which can be folded and used outside the home.