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Battery Powered Mercedes G55

The Mercedes G55 toy cars are the latest toys in the market to add to your kid’s wish list. The Mercedes G55 12V power battery car with soft wheels are available in a variety of many colors including white, black, pink, brown and burgundy. There is wide selection of colors depending on what your kid prefers.

The Mercedes G55 cars are licensed under the legendary Mercedes cars. The characteristic and comfort of this Mercedes ride on car is thought out and assembled well to the last detail.

For the trips to be more fascinating and enjoyable, the Mercedes G55 is installed with safety belts for comfort and security. The kid will ride the toy with maximum comfort and precision.

In order to have a wonderful Mercedes G55 ride on, the toy is fitted with realistic engine sounds. The sounds are similar to a real Mercedes which will give your kid the feeling of a real Mercedes. The whole package is awesome for maximum fun and kid’s development.

Key features of the Mercedes G55 Toy Car

The Mercedes G55 will give the kid awesome Mercedes ride on car with its beautiful and high quality electric car. The Mercedes G55 is made similar to the real Mercedes.

It gives the kid the wholesome feeling of a Mercedes Benz ride on a car with remote control. The kid is able to control the cars movement with a remote control.

The Mercedes G55 is a perfect awesome present for girls and boys. The Mercedes toy car have a real engine sound which adds more fun dimensions to the Mercedes G55.

The Mercedes G55 kids car are perfectly installed with safety belts for comfort and security. It has a fast and slow speed option. It is easy to control with a remote control. The Mercedes Benz comes with a 12v battery, MP3 aux and working lights.

The Benz ride on are of high quality replicating the real Mercedes Benz. It has MP3 connectivity and you can play the kids favorite music. It is easy and quick to assemble with only 10-15 minutes required.

Additional Features of Mercedes G55 Ride on Car

The Mercedes G55 Toy cars come with additional features to add more fun and create memorable moments for your child.

The Benz kids car are realistically detailed with working front and rear lights. The safety belts are perfectly fit giving your kid comfort and more safety. You do not have to worry on any risks and accidents.

It has a horn and realistic engine sounds similar to the real Mercedes. The Mercedes ride on has a USB and SD card reader. You are able to play fantastic music that your kids love.

It has a MP3 audio jack and you can adjust the music to loud speaker for you and your kid to sing along and has a foot pedal which enables the kid to control the toy perfectly. The kid steps on the foot pedal of the Mercedes and controls the toy. It has good LED lights and it is available in a variety of colors.