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Bentley Cars for Kids

The comfort and characteristic of this battery power Bentley is thoroughly and beautifully made for the comfort of your kid. The Bentley cars for kids have an incomparable novelty for the pride of your kids and are made with the license of the legendary Bentley cars.
In order to make the trip memorable and more fascinating, the Bentley cars for kids have a large number of options from the lighting and sounds effects. It has a dash board imitation, the start key and a steering wheel that has various melodies and tunes.
The Bentley 12V power battery car with soft wheels are comfortable and light for your child to operate. It is recommended for kids from the age of 1 to 5 years and has an accelerating speed of 3mph. The Bentley car for kids steering wheel has melodies which will cheer up the kid and make the trip fascinating and amazing.

Battery Powered Bentley Car for Kids

The Battery powered Bentley car for kids has amazing features that will make your kid trips fascinating and enjoyable. The Bentley 12V power battery car with soft wheels have a comfortable set for the kid and it is extremely safe.
The Bentley remote control car has a set of adorable and amazing features like the remote control, 25W motor, a charger 110V and a battery 12V 7AH.

The Bentley 12V ride on is has everything making it look like a real car. It has folding mirrors, on the steering wheel there is a signal button and LED lights. This is the perfect Bentley toddler car to purchase for your child.

The battery powered Bentley can be controlled by a remote control and your kid is able to control the car with much ease. For it to work , you need to first start the car with an ignition key then use the remote to control the movements.

The Bentley car for kids has two speed transmissions which allow you to control and limit the speed to 1.5mph in the first gear. The Bentley 12V power battery car with soft wheels on the second gear accelerates and reaches up to 3 mph.

When you switch the reverse gear the reverse movement is activated. This make the Bentley ride on car enjoyable and fun for your kid.

How to Choose the Best Bentley 12V power battery car with soft wheels for Your Kids?

Selecting the best Bentley car for your kid is essential for the kid’s development as it creates memorable moments for your kid. Look out for the car that has the features and characteristics that will help your kid development.

What are the features to look out for?

The battery power Bentley should have real car sounds so as to give your kids the feeling of a real car. It should be driven by a steering wheel and controlled by a remote control. The car should have adjustable seat belts for safety and security.

The car should be able to fit children of up to 55lbs and should be simple to assemble.  It should move backward and forward and create the feeling of a real car.

What are the specifications of the Bentley 12v ride?

The Bentley 12v is white in color with a dimension of 47.2"L 12v-12Ah. The Bentley 12V power battery car with soft wheels car has a maximum speed of 3.1 mph. The maximum capacity is 55lbs.