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Battery Powered XMX-815

The battery powered XMX -815 kids car has a modern design and a realistic stylish appearance that will please your kid. Your kid can engage in real yard races and still arrange for competitions. The car is very similar to the real car due to the external similarities. More attention was paid to the external details.

When the kid is controlling the battery powered XMX-815, the concentration is high which helps to develop mental ability and a sense of responsibility. The child is more attentive and serious to small details.

It has a special form of the rear and front headlights that will make the vehicle easily identifiable as a XMX -815 Red. The car is designed for children from the age of 1 to 6 years. The carrying capacity is not more than 77lbs and it has one sitting allowance.

The car has a modern touch that allows it to work via Bluetooth. The car has three speeds. They include the two forward and one backward. The switching is aided by the remote control by pressing the accelerator pedal so as to get a smooth speed.

Description of the XMX-815 Ride on Cars

The xmx-815 kids car is beautifully made with similarities to the real car. The external similarities are well polished and have unsurpassed quality. It has a special form of the rear and front headlights that will make it clear that that is the XMX -815 Red.

The dashboard has a radio and LED lights. You are able to adjust the volume with buttons on the steering wheel. It has a music system and a horn and you can switch to the kids favorite tracks by pressing the corresponding buttons.

It has installed music which supports a memory card which has an AUX, a radio and an USB output. It is designed for kids from the age of 1-6 years. The capacity is 77lbs and has one seat.

The seats are leather made making the car have a premium look. The shape is comfortable and sporty. The child will be more comfortable while sitting in the car. There are safety belts for comfort and security during the ride.

The XMX-815 kids car for sale should have fully rubber EVA wheels that will keep the grip and smooth out roughness as your child rides the car. Smoothness of the strokes is aided by the shock absorbers on the rear and front wheels.

The XMX-815 kids car for sale has LED car headlights that glow just like the real ones and additional tail lights and LED wheels. The battery powered XMX-815 doors can be opened and it is started from the key.

Characteristics of XMX-815 Kids Car

It is designed for children from the age of 1-6 years. The maximum load is 77lbs. The size of the electric car is 41.7*24.5*19 inches and weighs 25lbs and the power supply is 12v/7Ah.

It has a maximum speed of 4mph. The size of the package is 43*23*12 inches and it comes packed in a cardboard box. When you are playing with you kid you can teach the kid the traffic rules.

Additional features

The battery powered XMX-815 accelerates to a speed of 4mph with a powerful battery of 12v/7Ah and it has two engines of 35W. The XMX-815 ride on cars has a total of three speeds, one backward and two forward. You are able to switch the speed with the help of a remote control.