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2 Seater Ride on Car for Kids.

Does your child love to cruise innovative toys around with their friends? The fun and excitement is high when your kids are at the 2 seater 12V power battery car with soft wheels. The 12 Volt ride on is an amazing car for your kid, which will stimulate and fascinate your kid’s imagination.

It is stylish and modern built with all the details well thought out. Your kid can engage in off-road excitement. The excitement and fun is all over as your kid is on the 2 seater toy car.

The cockpit has a large area that allows you to have an alone time or a perfect ride with your kids friends. The open design and the roomy cockpit gives the kids a great view of the terrain ahead.

The 2 seater ride on car accelerates to a speed of 5 mph. The 2 seater toy car has rugged an oversized tires that allow the kid to tackle minor obstacles, glassy fields or whatever the toy may encounter on the ride.

The colors of 2 seater Kids Car

The cars have beautiful colors like Pink, White and Red and it is a perfect gift for both boys and girls. The toy is fitted with tire rims of different colors, steering wheel and an open cockpit that is able to hold two passengers. This ride will give your kids photo worthy rides on the driveway or all over the yard.

What are the features of the kids 2 Seater.

They come with a monster traction system that allows you to ride the toy on rough surfaces, hard surfaces and wet grass. Your kids will enjoy to ride on these 2 seater ride on cars. Most of the 2 seater pink kids car have a pink grille, steering wheel and tire rims.

They have a sturdy steel frame and strong metal side bars for hand support and security. The have an accelerating speed of up to 5 mph. The 2 seater electric car forwards and drive for 2.5 miles per hour maximum reverse. The kids 2 seater comes with a high speed lock out that is parent controlled.

Additional features.

It has an open design and has a spacious cockpit that enables your kid to get in and out of the toy car. The smooth and contoured interior gives the driver and the passenger maximum comfort. The 2 seater pink kids car includes a 12v battery and a charger.

The 2 seater car for kids has power has high speed lockout that allows the parent to control and manage the speed for security purposes.  

Most of the 2 seater for kids cars are designed for kids from the age of 3-7 years. The power lock brake system enables the toy to stop by lifting the foot from the foot pedal. They have monster traction system and oversized tires lets your kid to ride off road.

The 2 seater car for kids are designed to hold up to 130 lb. The 2 seater electric car will give your kid and their friends an ultimate driving and awesome adventure.