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Battery Powered Mercedes SL65

Mercedes 12V Powered ride on car for kids sports car is licensed from Mercedes. Mercedes SL65 for kids is manufactured from a soft eco leather seat, Eva wheels, and shock absorbers. Children love this electric Mercedes ride on car due to its comfort. Mercedes kids car is very similar to the original Mercedes.  The beautiful shiny Mercedes Benz toy car is stylish, and the speed of this kids Mercedes car is excellent. 

The music of kids Mercedes can be controlled by the touchscreen media system provided. A provision of playing your music or watching cartoons on this Mercedes Benz kids car is also provided.  You can let your child ride on his or her own or control the Mercedes SL65 AMG by use of remote control.

It is vital to consider the choice of color your kid loves. Mercedes SL65 AMG Blue is favorable for both boys and girls. The critical safety features like seat belts are installed in this Mercedes SL65 AMG toy car. Electric Mercedes SL65 AMG has four rubber wheels. This Mercedes SL65 AMG kids is a perfect gift for your kid.

Additional Features of Mercedes SL65 AMG Ride on Car

Mercedes SL65 AMG blue has additional features that let it appear unique and ideal. Kids love this toy for its stability and originality.

Kids Mercedes car has a 12V battery that lasts up to 120 minutes. On Mercedes ride on car, your child will enjoy the preloaded music and an option of additional personal music to this kids Mercedes. The prospect of SD Card and USB card input on Mercedes SL65 AMG Kids is an added advantage of storing more materials for the kid to enjoy while riding.

On the Mercedes G55 ride on car, you can adjust the volume and also comes with a charging protection. Kids will love this one start button Electric Mercedes SL65 AMG. The four wheels absorbers of Mercedes kids car do not only help the child ride over rough terrain but also improves the balance of Mercedes SL65 for kids. The full charge time of Mercedes Benz toy car is 8 to 10 hours and a drive time of 90 to 120 minutes without recharging this Mercedes SL65.


The safety of this Mercedes Kids car is enhanced. The adjustable safety belts will fit the correct size of your child while riding his Mercedes Benz toy car. Mercedes SL65 Blue can stand all terrains due to the excellent shock absorbers and soft Eva wheels that are smooth and noiseless. In eventualities, the double doors Mercedes SL65 for kids can be opened.  A three-speed forward and backward movement of Mercedes Benz kids car is controllable by use of the remote control. Electric Mercedes SL65 AMG has an added advantage of electric brakes. The LED light wheels on Mercedes SL65 AMG toy car can help you identify its location. Mercedes for kids cars have a speed of 2-4 mph which is ideal for kids.  If your child has to ride on this Mercedes SL65 AMG kids toy, make sure all the safety parameters are in place and belts well adjusted. Mercedes SL65 AMG balance equals that of an original Benz. Therefore, there are no chances of tipping. The size of Mercedes SL65 AMG toy car is ideal and budget friendly.