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Battery Power Ferrari LaFerrari

12V power battery car with soft wheels Ferrari wholesale is an excellent choice for toyshop owners. Cars for kids Ferrari have great characteristics, a bright and expressive design that undoubtedly, will attract the attention of children. This innovative device would not leave you and your customers indifferent, and prices will pleasantly surprise.

Basic technical characteristics ofcars for kids Ferrari

• Battery. Its capacity is enough for 60 to 90 minutes of continuous driving.

• Motor. Built-in 2 motors of 25 watts, in conjunction with a 12V-battery. Guarantees high engine power.

• Remote control. With Bluetooth technology, which allows parents to manage the direction of the vehicle at a distance of up to 30 meters.

• Materials used. Motorized kid car is made of impact resistant polypropylene. It has an ergonomic chair made of "eco-leather" - very soft and pleasant to the touch. The seat is equipped with a safety belt. The rubber-retreaded polymer wheels are affixed to the steel chassis.


Let's ride with the breeze!

12V Power LED Wheels Ferrari have three gears and develop a speed that is safe for kids - 5 mph. So, the toddler would be satisfied and his parents won`t worry about his safeness. In such motorized kid cars, children will feel as comfortable and confident as possible.


Additional Features of Ferrari Toy Car

• Front and rear lights with LED backlight, which turns on automatically when the motorized kid car starts to go.

• The dashboard has a connector for connecting an MP3 player, which makes it eventual to enjoy your favorite music.

• In addition, these cars for kids Ferrari are equipped with doors that open not on the sides, but upwards, like their big brothers.


Why is it worth buying from us?

Our company offers exceptionally high-quality goods, convenient ways of payment and delivery, as well as the opportunity to buy 12V Power LED Wheels Ferrari wholesale at the best prices. You can make the order through the shopping cart on the website or by using the feedback service in the Contact us section.

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